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Book of John
Date Message Title Listen
07-08-2018 John ch 1 v 1-14---------The Word is Come--------- Play
07-15-2018 John ch 1 v 15-34----------The Baptizer------------- Play
07-22-2018 John ch 1 v 35-51--------Come and see Jesus------- Play
07-29-2018 John ch 2-------------Water to Wine----------------- Play
08-05-2018 John ch 3 v 1-21---------The New Birth------------- Play
08-19-2018 John ch 4 v 1-26---------That Living Water---------- Play
08-26-2018 John ch 4 v 27-54-----------Harvest Time----------- Play
09-02-2018 John ch 5 v 1-16------Jesus can "Heal" you---------- Play
09-09-2018 John ch 5 v 16-47---------The Condemned---------- Play
09-16-2018 John ch 6 v 1-21---------The Perfect Storm---------- Play
09-23-2018 John ch 6 v 22-51----------Bread of Life------------ Play
09-30-2018 John ch 6 v 52-71-----------Words of Life----------- Play
10-07-2018 John ch 7------------Father Knows Best------------- Play
10-14-2018 John ch 8 v 1-12----------Light of the World--------- Play
10-21-2018 John ch 8 v 13-24---We Need Not Die in Our Sin-- Play
10-28-2018 John ch 8 v 25-59---------Freedom in Christ--------- Play
11-18-2018 John ch 9----------Born Blind Now I See------------ Play
11-25-2018 John ch 10----------The Good Shepherd------------- Play
12-02-2018 John ch 11 v 1-22---------Faith Strengthened-------- Play
12-09-2018 John ch 11 v 23-57------I Am the Resurrection------ Play
01-06-2019 John ch 12 v 1-11---------Jesus and Friends--------- Play
01-13-2019 John ch 12 v 12-50-Secret Christians Not Allowed- Play
01-20-2019 John ch 13 v 1-11-------Wash My Feet Lord-------- Play
01-27-2019 John ch 13 v 12-38-------Simply Enjoy God--------- Play
02-03-2019 John ch 14-----------No Troubled Hearts------------ Play
02-10-2019 John ch 15 v 1-11------------Joy in Jesus------------ Play
02-17-2019 John ch 15 v 12-27-------Come Holy Spirit---------- Play
02-24-2019 John ch 15 cont---------God's Spirit Within---------- Play
03-03-2019 John ch 16------------Peace in Christ---------------- Play
03-10-2019 John ch 17------------Our Lord's Prayer------------- Play
04-07-2019 John ch 18-------------The Garden------------------ Play
04-14-2019 John ch 19------------The Crucifixion---------------- Play
04-21-2019 John ch 20---------------He is Risen----------------- Play
04-28-2019 John ch 21-------------Feed My Sheep-------------- Play